Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Modifikasi Mobil Gammer

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To: My first love
I really do not think yourselves why you say all this even though I do not want to lose you even if it was only for a moment love will make us cry and laugh and it will be come a regular saemua in my love relationship even though I know you often hurt but the hearts and feelings just for you even though I often feel I would becanda to a woman who you think it is my heart and love.but My love will always be beside you until whenever
I always pray to god to be able to immortalize my relationship with you but maybe this is already testing the will of god to give my god kepadaku.ya taksanggup withstand all these trials because this is a problem that I can never forget and I deal with forever.
I really hope this problem will be renewed but why there are always people who do not like my presence by his side
whether this will end up sad ?????
I hope not because you are my first and last love and my heart takanbisa looking for a replacement and if I can substitute undoubtedly I will never ever match
and may God give strength to thy servant that is poor amieen!

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